We are a Best Buy Brand
15 July 2019

We are a Best Buy Brand

Lately, good things have been happening for cut.le.crap. The brand is starting to make waves and the beauty industry is recognising us –  we won’t complain.

Last week, I am sure you heard that we won the “Best Inspirational Entrepreneur” Award in Paris for being a brand that focuses on creating safe, affordable and trendy products.

This week we have another epic news to share with you – we are now a Best Buy brand as certified by the Ethical Consumer Magazine.

cut.le.crap. and Ethical Consumer Best Buy on beach
We are an Ethical Consumer Best Buy Brand

Ethical Consumer is a not-for-profit UK magazine and website which publishes information on the social, ethical and environmental behaviour of companies. Basically, they do all the work in the background so you can shop ethically without having to spend hours researching each company yourself. 

Here is a very handy guide on how to be a more ethical shopper.

The Best Buy label is a warranty for the customers that a company offers products and services that are environmentally friendly and ethical.

You know we are all about transparency, I mean we are cut.le.crap! Our name says it all. We have plenty of blogs and information available on our website to promote our transparency. We even share our sustainability statement.

But we understand that not everyone has the time to read.

So for us, it was very important not only to tell you that we are doing everything in our power to do things the right way but to have it validated and proven to you.

Greenwashing, sadly, is very real. It is easy for a company to claim that they are ethical or sustainable. Some people see this movement as a new way to make money. “Green” products and services are pretty expensive and therefore, it is a very lucrative market.

This is why it is important to follow those labels and accreditations that are here to validate what a business is trying to tell. Those labels are here to help shoppers choose genuine products and services and avoid falling for ethical and environmental claims that turn out to be fake.

So to earn our Best Buy badge, the Ethical Consumer Magazine team looked into details the way we source our ingredients, manufacture our products and run our company. And they confirmed the fact that we are an ethical business.

We are over the moon.

Maya x

Check out our range of ethical products.


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