time to strike on September 20th with cut.le.crap. and the world ^
time to strike
19 September 2019

time to strike

It’s time to strike people.

And cut.le.crap. will be at the Global Climate Strike on 20th September.

We are striking because we are rebellious at heart.

We want to live in a world where sustainability comes first.

We also take ethics very seriously. That’s why we’re an Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label.

Supporting young people

But most importantly, we have a 7-year-old son. He will suffer the consequences of our actions, like all of the youth of today.

Global Climate Strike

So we are striking in support of him and young people around the world.

It’s time to act

Climate change is serious and has deadly consequences for millions if we do not act.

Scientists are unanimous in their agreement that climate change is real.

NASA says it.

The greatest voice of all, Greta Thunberg, has proven time and again that the science is sound. That the young have a far clearer view of what is needed.

Her Friday’s For Future movement have been a shining light to adults that no person or voice is too small. No action is insignificant and they can grow to something very powerful.

But progress has been too slow.

And it’s time to strike

That’s why it’s time to strike.

We owe it to Greta, my son and all the other kids around the world to save their futures.

We owe it to vulnerable societies and cultures around the world, who are at risk of death.

We owe it to the millions of animals, some of which are on the edge of extinction.

We joined the strikes in March and May.

We must listen to them. We must act on their behalfs and change the way we live.

So cut.le.crap. will be in London tomorrow by our son’s side to protest and demand action.

And this time we will be taking down our Shop in solidarity with young people around the world.

Time for everyone to show support to all the kick-ass kids around the world.

Maya, Ben and Josh. x

Cut Le Crap

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What is sustainable beauty?

What is sustainable beauty?

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Items shipped 24th February

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