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Sustainable Development Goals
06 November 2019

Sustainable Development Goals

We’re talking about the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Haven’t heard of it? Well, you are indeed missing out then!

The UN goals of sustainable development are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

What this actually means is that the UN has provided guidance to both businesses and individuals on how they can help influence a world that helps everyone, not just a few.

We’re in

When we found out about the UN sustainable development goals, we were delighted.

This is because we had previously focused all of our attention on sustainability – it’s at the core of our business. This has meant that we have already been able to achieve certification by Ethical Consumer Magazine as a Best Buy Brand.

cut.le.crap. and Ethical Consumer Best Buy on beach
We are an Ethical Consumer Best Buy Brand

However, what we like about the UN sustainable development goals is that it gives us all guidance on how we can all improve.

We know that there is so much more to do in this world to achieve equality for all and to protect our beautiful planet.

That’s why we have decided to hold cut.le.crap. accountable the U.N.’s sustainable development goals.

Sustainable Development Goal 1 – No Poverty

First up: No Poverty.

cut.le.crap. Sustainable Development Goals No Poverty
We want to help end poverty in all its forms. Do you?

Did you know that 10% of the world’s population lives in extreme poverty? And 50% of those living in poverty are under the age of 18?

Numbers have improved dramatically in the last few years but this is terrible and we need to address this issue.

So, the UN is asking everyone to see how they can help end poverty in all its forms, everywhere.

What is cut.le.crap currently doing?

Well, we only work with reputable UK suppliers. Our partners have been chosen because they employ Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines and subscribe to the Living Wage Foundation.

Raw materials imported from developing countries are guaranteed by our suppliers to be sourced ethically. 

However, we require greater transparency so we have made it our goal to purchase raw materials directly from the farmers or local co-operatives and ensure that income is distributed fairly.

Ending poverty is also all about helping people out of poverty.

For this reason, Ben and I donate to Centrepoint and Action for Children on a monthly basis. We believe that every child deserves a happy life and a bright future.

Sustainable Development Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

cut.le.crap. Sustainable Development Goals Zero Hunger
Nobody in this world should go hungry!

Did you know that more than 800 million people are undernourished?

This sentence just proves are unequal things still are in our world. Also, extreme hunger will likely increase as the climate crisis develops.

In order to contribute to a world where no mouth goes hungry, we have set a goal to have our entire range certified organic by the end of 2020 – only two of our products are organic.

How does this contribute to zero hunger? Evidence suggests that the use of man-made pesticides reduces biodiversity and has a negative impact on ecosystems, both essential for long term crop production. 

Sustainable agriculture, on the other hand, improves soil quality, increases overall yields in the long term and does not harm local ecosystems. It also ensures that foods are not contaminated with harmful chemicals that are often weakly regulated in other countries

We are also focussed on certifying our products as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance – all in the optic of doing things in balance and respecting the environment.

Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health & Well Being

cut.le.crap. Sustainable Development Goals Good Health and Well-being
Everyone deserves the chance of good health and well-being

Did you know that 400 millions of people don’t have access to basic healthcare? 

Not only that, did you know that 7 million people die every year from exposure to fine particles in polluted air?

If you live in a big city and think you are not at risk, think again!

People are slowly starting to look into what goes into the products they buy. Yet, too many mainstream brands still use crap chemicals linked to very nasty side effects.

So, how does cut.le.crap ensure good health and well-being? 

We make sure that we only use safe and natural ingredients. This means that everything that goes into our products will not risk any long term side effects to our amazing customers.

That’s not all. We’ve even thought very carefully about the essential oils we use in our products. 

Why? Well, some – like lavender essential oil – have been proven to help improve mental wellbeing.

Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education

cut.le.crap. Sustainable Development Goals Quality Education
Quality education will improve the lives of everyone

Education still isn’t easily accessible everywhere in the world. 

Did you know that even more and more kids are enrolling in primary school worldwide, 57 million children are still out of school? 

Sadly, even in “developed” countries, governments still haven’t realised that investing in education is the best way to invest in the future. Education is a gift and again, we are extremely lucky compared to some other parts of the world.

Education can be about everything. For me and my family living it is about learning how to live a more sustainable and eco-responsible life. In order to do so, we had to do lots of research and talk to the people around us. 

Talking to people and sharing information is very important. This is why we decided to dedicate a page to the ingredients that we use explaining where they come from, why we chose to use them. 

We also gave them a score for people to easily understand how safe they are to use. We also listed the ingredients that, in our eyes, should be avoided at all costs. 

Finally, we want to educate our customers so they can make an informative decision. This is why we take the time to write blogs where we share our knowledge and experience. To us, sharing our experience and our knowledge is a really good way of contributing to education at our own level.

Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Gender Equality

Sustainable Development Goal 5 - Gender Equality
Time for everyone to woman up!

I am a Feminist and gender equality is something I want to help achieve. 

And it’s currently not a level playing field.

Women earn 33% less than men in general for the same role. 1 in 3 women would have suffered physical or sexual abuse at some point in her life. 750 millions of women and girls in the world were married before the age of 18.

What the actual…

When starting cut.le.crap. we had a long discussion with my hubby Ben about who would be the CEO as we are both equally passionate about our business. He’s the one that decided that having me as a CEO would be a powerful message sent out. Women are still underrepresented in high-end roles. 

But this isn’t all.

Women in poorer countries are seriously suffering from inequalities, being less able to access education or make their own decisions. Gender equality is a necessity if we want to pursue peace in the world.

We have therefore decided to support women around the world and donate 1% of our profits to Global Fund For Women over the next 12 months.

Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation

Sustainable Development Goal 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation
We’re made of water, so let’s make sure everyone has access to what they’re made of!

Water is becoming rare and will soon be a luxury.

Water stress affects more than 2 billion people.

70% of natural wetlands have disappeared in the last century.

1 in 9 people do not have access to safe water.

(All stats are from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals website.)

This is very scary. On top of that Women are usually responsible for collecting water and thus having a negative impact on their work, school and family.

AND big brands appropriate freshwater wells and sources, then sell the water they take freely at a ridiculous price and in PLASTIC bottles.


Our way to address this goal is to formulate a range of products using oils (plus they’re super good for us) as they don’t require water. And oil-based products do not require the use of preservatives – win, win!

The beauty industry uses a lot of water (on top of damaging ingredients and overuse of single-use packaging) so it is important that business formulate products being mindful of the environment.

Sustainable Development Goal Number 7 – Affordable & Clean Energy

UN Sustainable Development Goals 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
Shine the light for clean energy

Did you know that 60% of the greenhouse gas comes from the use of energy?

On a positive note though in 2015 more than 20% of energy came from renewable sources already. And this year, renewables overtook fossil fuels for electricity consumption.

So, how are helping to make affordable and clean energy for all?

We make sure we use an energy provider that provides electricity from renewable sources.

We are making all our products by hand here in the UK.

We only travel using rail or public transport for business meetings.

And finally, we are planning to move our website to a green hosting platform too.  

It’s all about cutting the crap.


Cut Le Crap

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What is sustainable beauty?

What is sustainable beauty?

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