Sustainability Statement

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cut.le.crap. was created with a focus to deliver exceptional beauty products that are natural, ethical and sustainable.

To this point, we use the phrase:

“Good for you. Good for the planet.”

We refer back to this statement with every business decision that we make. This ethos existed from the beginning and we have done everything that has been financially and practically possible to maximise our performance in this area.

Toxin and Genetically Modified Free

The very nature of our products also adheres to this mindset. We have a policy of using natural ingredients that are:

No Animal Testing

Our policy on animal testing ensures that:

Palm Oil

Our palm oil policy is to only use palm oil that is:

Workers Rights

Workers rights are important to us. We decided against launching and scaling our business through Amazon, even though as a new business it would be more cost-efficient to do so. This is because of Amazon’s well-reported abuse of employees and approach to commerce.

We chose our partners who employ Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines and subscribe to the Living Wage Foundation.

As a company founded by a woman, we will also ensure equal opportunities and pay for women. In line with this, as our company grows and more people join us, we will ensure that equal pay and opportunities are available to everyone.


Our policy on the packaging is about reducing reliance on plastic and waste. We ensure packaging is:

Our Future

For the period August 2018 to July 2019, this has given us a great launchpad. But we know there is much space to travel. That’s why we’re publicising this Sustainability Statement.

The objective?

To outline how we will invest our time, effort and capital to achieve better ethical and sustainable standards in the following areas:

In each of these areas, we will outline what we’re currently doing. This sets our baseline.

Then, we will explain our goals in each area. It’s important that we set attainable goals.

Finally, we will support this with our plan of action: how we are going to achieve it.

The main objective?

By December 2020, cut.le.crap. will source, develop and manufacture products that are sourced from farmers who receive their fair share and packed with zero plastic.

Is this achievable?

Well, in November 2017 cut.le.crap. was just an idea. Our achievements to date give us the belief that anything is possible.

Update: August 2019

Our raw materials are also sourced from all around the world. Often, these come from developing countries where women are not treated as equitably as we would like. This creates a lack of opportunity in education, society and business.

We believe that women are essential for businesses to not only succeed but also become more ethical and improve our societies. This is why we have chosen to contribute 0.5% of our profits to Global Fund For Women for the period of August 2019 to July 2020.

Update: November 2019

The very nature of business means that through the production and delivery of our products,cut.le.crap. contributes to local pollution. That’s why we partnered with Trees For Cities. They are a non-profit that works with local communities and schools to bring trees back into our lives. We chose them because they want to bring nature to everyone, not just those who can afford it.

For every £10.00 spent on our website, we are going to donate £0.42 to Trees For Cities. This will mean that only £130 will be needed to plant a single tree.

Plastic Free Packaging

What we currently do:

Our containers are all recyclable and we are avoiding plastic as much as we can. Only our lids/caps or pumps are made out of plastic, the rest are glass, aluminium or plant-based plastic. We don’t provide unnecessary packaging (outer boxes for creams for instance). We do offer customers the option of aluminium lids.

The parcels/letters are from recycled material and recyclable, the labels are biodegradable, the flyers are recycled, recyclable and using vegetable-based inks, our stickers are recycled and biodegradable and so are the foam fillers for the parcels.

What we want to do:

We would like to be using no plastic at all.

Reducing reliance on plastic requires a shift in the makeup of our products. Therefore, we are creating and developing a solid range (soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, all in bars!). By doing so, we will cut down on our packaging by using cardboard boxes and paper wrapping only.

Our face oils and creams require the use of a pipette and plastic lid. We are currently investigating the viability of these lids being made from plant-based plastic or adapting the bottle so these devices are not required.

When we are going to achieve it?

November 2019: Design and produce caps, lids, and pumps that remove the need for plastic.

March 2020: Launch our solid range so shower based products do not need to be contained in plastic for safety reasons.

Update: January 2020

We have now removed all plastic bottles, lids, pumps and pipettes from the products in our range that we will continue to sell.

Our Natural Cold Pressed Cacay Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil and Marula Oil Face Serum contain a plastic insert to ensure that our customers can manage the 3-5 drops needed. This avoids wastage of the oil.

cut le crap Natural Face Oils Top View
cut.le.crap. Natural Face Oils Top View

We are currently working with a designer to produce droppers that are made from organic material and manufactured using a 3D printer.

Items that we will discontinue will be sold with plastic. These items include:

Once the stock is sold of these products, our range will have very minimal plastic.

Update: May 2020

We now sell our Natural Body Wash in an aluminium bottle. This means that the only product that we sell that is contained in a plastic bottle is our Natural Hair Conditioner. This is old stock that will be discontinued so we are now in a situation where all container packaging will be glass or aluminium.

cut le crap natural body wash in an aluminium bottle
Say hello to our new aluminium bottles!

Ethical Supply Chain

What we currently do:

We make everything by hand rather than using machines (machines are only used for bottling and labelling). That way, the whole process can be monitored and controlled.

The provenance of the ingredients is from 100% natural sources and some are also organic. Sourcing premium quality ingredients ensure that the skincare products made are of the finest quality and will benefit both the customer’s skin as well as the environment.

What we want to do:

Sourcing ingredients directly from farmers and co-operatives that are also Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. Most importantly, this will ensure that when we buy ingredients, farmers receive a fair share of the revenue.

As part of this process, we will select who we work with very carefully. We will meet with suppliers or work with agencies to assess the sourcing of raw material as well as the working conditions.

Putting in place a questionnaire that we can use before selecting suppliers to quickly assess their ethos.

When we are going to achieve it:

July 2019: A business plan focussed on sourcing our ingredients directly from farmers.

January 2021: All ingredients are Sourced directly by cut.le.crap.

Update: January 2020

We have now identified products in our range that we will continue to produce with raw materials that are ECOCERT Fair for Life certified.

Our objective now is to have all products using Fair For Life raw materials by August 2020 and gain certification by January 2021. The reason for the time difference is the cost of certification.

Update: May 2020

We have now removed our Natural Hair Wax from our range. This means we no longer use palm oil. Our previous palm oil policy ensured that we only used palm oil that achieved the below conditions:

However, due to the complexities around palm oil production and the concerns of customers around it, we have decided to remove it from our range.

Nevertheless, we still support brands who wish to use palm oil that is certified-sustainable and originating from a farm on the RSPO list. Palm oil is a high yielding source of oil and if produced sustainably, can require anywhere between 4 and 10 times less land than soybeans or coconuts.

New Initiative: Community Events (November 2019)

What we currently do:

In conversations with friends, customers and people we have met whilst building cut.le.crap. we have realised that these is a lack of diversity in the sustainable beauty market.

As a result voices of ethnic and minority groups are not being heard. For the ethical and sustainable beauty market to be truly available to all, it’s important that a platform is provided for everyone to share their experiences and contribute to the conversation.

What we want to do:

We want to host events that are focussed on providing this platform. They will be focussed on a particular issue of the day, delivering three talks on:

The events will be free and provide access to ethical and sustainable businesses i.e. pop-up stalls.

Events will be run quarterly at first and then increase the frequency, dependent on demand.

When we are going to achieve it:

February 2020: We will host our first event.

Update: February 2020

We held our first ‘ Detox Earth’ event at Tracks Bar in Forest Gate. More information about the event can be found here.

Update: May 2020

Due to COVID-19, we will suspend these events until late in the year.