Protect yourself this Summer
02 July 2019

Protect yourself this Summer

Summer’s here! Even in the UK and that’s something. We’ve been waiting for it for so long that it is impossible to stay out of the sun – we all want to make the most of it!!

Fine, but remember that the sun is a weird friend. We do need it as it helps kick off the chemical and metabolic chain reaction that produces vitamin D. On top of that, exposure to the sun helps kick off the winter blues – exactly what we need.

On the other hand, it is really important to protect your skin from the sun, especially for prolonged exposure.

Wearing SPF is a must, but make sure you are wearing a non-toxic mineral sunscreen that is safe for you and the environment!!

The same way you get thirsty after being in the heat, your skin will need hydration and our favourite way to do this is to use oils. Remember why?

Oils in summer

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Our range of body oils help nourish and protect your skin

As mentioned in a previous blog, oils enhance the quality of your skin.

How? Their chemical structure means that they improve cell cohesion, which limits water loss through the skin.

They protect the skin and helps it retain moisture, locking in molecules that contribute towards healthy skin. Oils are also quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin.

Exactly what your skin is craving!

So just remember that even if it’s hot and you don’t feel like it, your skin still needs some TLC, maybe even more than usual 🙂

Cleansing in Summer

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Our face. Cleansing Balm cleans, nourishes and protects

Do you live in a big city where pollution is all around? Or are you lucky enough to live by the sea but can’t get the sand off your skin? Whatever you do that is wearing sticky sunscreen or sweating, you will need to properly cleanse your face. You owe it to yourself.

Remember self-care and the best kind of love.

Using a cleansing balm is safe, natural and should be affordable (hello cut.le.crap.) Oils from a balm will actually dissolve any excess oil produced by the skin (mind-blowing moment) as well as remove dirt, impurities and makeup whilst nurturing the skin – c’est superbe!

So how do you oil cleanse? Simply melt our cleansing balm in the palm of your hand, then massage all over your face, adding a little more if needed. Then just wipe away with a cloth or reusable pad. Repeat if wearing makeup and moisturise with a little more oil if needed – no water necessary.

Oil cleansing really is an amazing way to care for your skin.


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