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Why you need to try Castile Soap
13 August 2018

Why you need to try Castile Soap

The first thing you should know is that, with castile soap, it was love at first try here at cut.le.crap.! And how could it not be when it is natural, eco-friendly and amazing.

I am sure you have all heard a lot about the wonderful many uses of castile soap. But do you know what it actually is?

Well Castile soap is a natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly soap derived from vegetable oils such as coconut, hemp but also avocado and almond. It was first made in Castile, Spain (hence the name) using olive oil.

Its pH is alkaline (8.9 – very similar to baking soda) so it is very efficient at cutting through grease and dirt without being corrosive.

Feel free to add some of your favourite pure essential oils straight into the bottle (between 10 and 15 drops). Here are some ideas dependent on your mood:

  • Citrus – energising and a mood booster
  • Floral – relaxing, helping you to sleep
  • Woody – empowering
  • Tea Tree or Eucalyptus – antibacterial and antifungal

We know other brands sometimes say that you can also use it on your hair. We do not recommend it. Castile soap will definitely cleanse the hair but with the pH of castile soap being very high, it is unsuitable for hair and can leave the cuticle cells open and prone to damage. Hair with an imbalanced pH will also be a lot more prone to breaking and tangling.

Due to its nature, Castile soap is safe to be used on kids. In fact, it’s perfect for them!

Fancy a try? You can buy it at cut.le.crap. here.

There you go. Have fun and use without moderation.


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