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natural face care tips
20 September 2019

natural face care tips

We’re going to talk about your beautiful face. More specifically, we’re going to give you some natural face care tips that will keep your skin glowing!

It’s the part of our body that is never covered or protected from cold, wind, pollution…

This is the reason why we need to take extra care of it.

Now let me share with you our best cut.le.crap. tips to make sure your skin glows throughout the winter.

natural face care tip 1 – cleanse.

This is the foundation of our natural face care tips.

Most of us are exposed to pollution, smoke and environmental particles. This can have a negative impact on your skin, possibly resulting in dull, dry or tired-looking skin.

Man in smoke needs natural face care tips from cut.le.crap. - Photo by Max Muselmann on Unsplash
Photo by Max Muselmann on Unsplash

That’s obviously something that we all want to avoid.

And not just the environment. Now I am sure a lot of you wear makeup, I know I do. I try to have some days off though to give my skin a break and I certainly wear less makeup than I used to.

But I do love it.

So, you have two very good reasons to cleanse your skin at the end of the day.  

After all, how long does it take you to put makeup on? So shouldn’t you take the same level of care when removing your makeup or cleansing your skin…if not more.

Double Cleansing

This brings me onto double cleansing, which seems to have become a trend.

Natural face care tips: use a cleanser  cut.le.crap. Natural Cleansing Cream, £16.00; and cut.le.crap. Cleansing Balm, £22.00.
Natural face care tips: use a cleanser!
Left to right: Cleansing Cream, £16.00; and Cleansing Balm, £22.00.

It starts with using a balm or oil-based cleanser to break down the dirt or makeup on your face. Then, a water-based cleanser is applied to cleanse the skin deeply. This will allow the skin to be clear from makeup, dirt, pollution particles and impurities as well as sweat and bacteria!

One tip. Make sure you spend at least 20 seconds to massage the cleanser into your skin! This will help pull the bad stuff out, so to speak!

The benefits from double cleansing are pretty exciting too.

No crap left on your skin! Meaning that the cells will be able to regenerate better, leaving your skin more plump, bright and smooth. Having a perfectly clear skin will then allow your moisturising cream, oil or serum to penetrate deeper and work better.

One of my favourite products in our range is the cleansing balm. The smell of sweet orange is simply beautiful. It will boost your mood and relax you at the same time. This is ideal for all skin types, especially dry or irritated skin.

cleansing balm ethical consumer best buy
Our Natural Cleansing Balm – removes everything and super nourishing (£22.00)

The combination of Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Beeswax and Orange Peel Oil will melt on your skin and leave it soft and supple.

Now the cleansing cream is equally as good. A light lotion cleanser, the perfect option for those with sensitive skin or oily/combination skin. It gently cleans while hydrating the skin.

natural cleansing cream ethical consumer best buy
Our Natural Cleansing Cream – perfect for sensitive skin (£16.00)

With key ingredients of Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Arnica, essential oils of Lavender & Lemon your skin will feel fresh and supple.

Remember that a cleanser that hydrates will always counterbalance the toughness of winter skin.

Also, to be more sustainable stop buying those single-use wipes. They either end up in landfill or the ocean, and we know there’s already too much rubbish there!

Try something you can reuse. You can buy them in a range of materials or sizes.

Natural face care tips: Add some reusable wipes to your toiletries basket
Add some reusable wipes to your toiletries basket

You’ll feel better for it.

next natural face care tip 2 – moisturise.

So. Your face is all clean. Nasty impurities and general bad stuff have gone. What’s next?

Now it’s time to moisturise!

Why? It’s simple.

Moisturising helps protect and rejuvenate your skin. Depending on the time of day and type of moisturiser you use, they lock in moisture and as well as helping the skin cells hydrate themselves.

Finally, Moisturising – with the right products – will give your body valuable nutrients and vitamins, essential for cell regeneration.

This means the way you moisturise your skin should differ depending on the time of day.

Morning, Day and Night

The morning is all about setting you up for the day. You wash to feel awake. You eat for fuel. And you moisturise to protect.

Natural face care tip from our co-founder showing how to moisturise your face
Ben (our co-founder) showing off his moisturising techniques

However, it does pose a problem. Most of us don’t like our skin to feel heavy or look too shiny from using cream or oils in the morning. Yet, it is still very  important to protect yourself from your external surroundings.

Harsh chemicals and toxins are ubiquitous. Some are easily absorbed into the body through your skin, so it’s important to protect yourself.

Our day cream is perfect and very popular for this. The smell of natural essential oils make it very unique and the texture is gorgeous. It’s very rich and completely disappears, leaving a light silk finish. It works wonders on dehydrated skin.

cut.le.crap. natural day cream
Our Natural Day Cream – it’s super silky (£31.00)

The key ingredients of Jojoba, Calendula, Geranium & Clary Sage essential oils will deeply nourish the skin and set you up for the day.

Are Oils good for your skin?

This is a question we often get asked. And no blog post on natural face care tips would be complete without covering this topic.

natural face care tips cut.le.crap. face serum, body oil and beard oil
Natural face care tips: oils are great: try our Body Oil (£17.00), Face Serum (£20.00) and Beard Oil (£19.00)

I have to say, I am a big fan of oils due to their many benefits to the skin. However, it can be up to the individual (it is your skin after all!)

Loaded with vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids, they are the exact hydration that your skin craves.

We offer both oil blend and single-ingredient oils. You can use them instead of a moisturiser.

If you have dry skin like me, you can wear them on top of your face cream. The extra benefit of using the oil after the cream is that it will act as a protective barrier locking moisture into the skin.

Our Marula oil facial serum is perfect for younger skin types. The blend of Marula and Apricot Oils helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, resulting in firmer, more radiant skin.

natural marula serum ethical consumer best buy
Our Natural Marula Oil Serum – it smells divine (£22.00)

The smell of rose essential oil is divine plus it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

If your skin is more mature, you suffer from hyperpigmentation or have acne-prone skin then the worldwide popular cold-pressed Organic Rosehip oil is for you.

organic rosehip oil ethical consumer best buy
Our Natural Rosehip Oil – awesome for everyone (£11.00)

It’s not greasy, doesn’t clog pores and therefore will not cause breakouts. It is also said to help fade dark spots.

Our last oil is the pure cold-pressed Cacay Oil. We call it liquid gold. It is not yet widely popular in the UK but the one to get your hands on. Some of you might ask, what is Cacay?

natural cold pressed cacay oil best buy
cut.le.crap. Cacay Oil – our liquid gold (£17.00)

Cacay Oil is a miracle beauty oil, it is nutrient-rich and ideal for mature skin types. With up to three times more Vitamin A than Rosehip Oil and up to 50% more Vitamin E than Argan Oil. This is the new oil that you must try if you want to help reduce the signs of ageing.

Other natural face care tips

There are other things you can do to alongside cleansing and moisturising to help your skin look its best.

Evening Treatments

In the evening it is time to apply as much cream, oil or serum as you want. Bedtime is the best time of the day to super hydrate your skin.

Firstly, you are protected from most of the external stuff that upsets your skin. You’re inside!! Sunlight and other environments (think air conditioning and strong winds) can break down protective barriers you put on your skin. When inside, this effect is reduced.

Secondly, your body is at rest and can more effectively absorb the vitamins and nutrients contained in any oil, cream or serum you use.

Day time protection (a natural face care tip for everyone)

There’s more you can do to help protect your skin during the day…wear sunscreen.

Natural face care tip for life, the Sun can harm the skin - photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash
Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash

Yes, that’s correct.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Wearing sun protection during the day is very important.

For me it’s personal. I suffer from hyperpigmentation, which is exaggerated by the sun.

It’s not just for specialist cases. It is the best way to prevent premature ageing, caused by UV rays.

It is recommended to wear a minimum SPF of 30. Obviously try to find a mineral type that uses natural ingredients as sunscreens can be extremely harmful.


At this moment, our range does not offer an exfoliator (though we are contemplating at options).

This doesn’t mean we are not aware of its many benefits on the skin.

By gently exfoliating your skin regularly you are helping it shed any dry or dead skin cells. This is important to clear pores and increase blood circulation. As a result, your skin will look healthier and glow!

A brand that I love – Black Chicken Remedies – offers an amazing natural body scrub and a face complexion polish.  They are obviously 100% natural and pretty amazing.

If you are not fully satisfied with the scrubs that you currently use, I suggest you try them out.

My favourite is the face polish (a dry thin powder) that you can mix with your favourite face oil to increase the benefits.

You will be able to get these from the UK very soon at  Wright Ingredients. The website isn’t live yet but make sure you bookmark it.

Always remember that your skin will need deep hydration after that!


Natural face care tip is to use a face mask - Photo by Isabell Winter on Unsplash
Photo by Isabell Winter on Unsplash

Now I am sure you will be aware that a good way to detoxify and show yourself some TLC is to apply a face mask.

Not only it will help you relax but it will also help unclog pores, clean skin deeply and make it glow.

Amongst my favourites clays are Rhassoul and Pink Kaolin but I also love using activated charcoal. For powdered clay simply mix them with water. it’s quick, easy and super efficient!

Watch this space In the next few weeks we’ll be adding a dry mask to our collection…!


I have started using a derma roller about 18 months ago.

OMG I love it.

The feeling is very unique and does not hurt at all (I use 0.25 mm needles). I just bought a 1 mm derma roller as it supposedly does even more good to your skin (especially production of collagen and helping with hyperpigmentation).

Natural face care tip - use a face moisturiser with a micro-needle
Combine micro-needling with your amazing cut.le.crap. face oil!

The best part of adding micro-needling to your routine is that you know you are increasing the penetration of the precious oil or serum you just applied to your skin.

A study has shown that micro-needling dramatically increases product absorption into the skin, therefore it is extremely important that you use green beauty products that do not contain any toxins.

How does that work? By rolling microneedles on your skin it creates thousands of tiny holes ( I repeat, it does not hurt) enabling your skin to absorb more of that good stuff!

It is also said that regular use can improve the look of scars, wrinkles or hyper pigmentation by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, known as the internal skin healer.

Not sure how to choose the best derma roller? This blog tells you everything you need to know.

Lip love.

Do not forget your lips, especially during the colder months. With decreasing humidity, your skin and lips are at risk of becoming dry.

The best time to take good care of your lips is to protect them all night long with a very rich balm.

Why? Come the morning, they will be all hydrated, plump looking and kissable, and ready to wear your favourite lippy (make sure it is toxin-free as most of it ends up being eaten and digested!).

Natural face care tip - cut.le.crap. natural lip balm with coconut, cocoa, beeswax and almond
These lip balms were amazing. We have some coming to our Shop soon.

Time to brave the elements

That’s all of the natural face care tips we have for you.

So now your face is ready to brave the elements. With these amazing tips, we know your skin will be more thankful than ever!

Maya x

Natural face care tips - moisturise with a range of oils and cream
Moisturise with our amazing range of oils and cream
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