Natural face care is the best for your skin!
16 September 2019

Natural face care is the best for your skin!

Our natural face care products are amazing. We all know that. Well, our customers do. Our Trustpilot reviews prove it. 

Check them out 👉here. 👈

And did you know we have a full range, just for the gorgeous face of yours? I’ve formulated it especially for…everyone! 

Oils for the face? Really?

Oh yeah. Really.

So misunderstood in the natural beauty care realm. Some people still think that oils will make your skin greasy and possibly cause breakout.

100% untrue. Some oils will actually help balance your skin. So time to change the record on this one.

May I present to you Exhibit A, our golden elixir, 100% cold-pressed Natural Cacay Oil (£17.00).

cut le crap Cold Pressed Cacay Oil
cut.le.crap. Cacay Oil – our liquid gold (£17.00)

Cacay Oil is full of Linoleic Acid, an essential fatty acid which helps to plump up and replenish skin with reparative moisture. It can help to reduce the signs of ageing, sort our acne-prone skin and works wonders on mature or dry skin.

You can buy it 👉here. 👈

Next, Exhibit B, our Natural Marula Oil Facial Serum (£25.00). There’s a reason this one is almost sold out (don’t worry, we’re making some more!)

how to use the cut le crap Marula Oil Face Serum
Our Natural Marula Oil Serum – it smells divine (£25.00)

It’s a blend of Marula, Apricot Oils and hyaluronic acid. Ace for retaining moisture, fewer wrinkles and firmer, more radiant skin.

Oh, and it smells divine!

You can buy it 👉here. 👈

Finally, Exhibit C, Natural Organic Rosehip Oil (£11.00). It’s cold-pressed, organic and pure. Just like us!

cut le crap Organic Rosehip Oil
Our Natural Rosehip Oil – awesome for everyone (£11.00)

It’s full of essential fatty acids and Vitamin C. It is also very light in texture and easily absorbed, that makes is perfectly suited for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

You can buy it 👉here. 👈

So, yeah. Oils are for the face too!

Not convinced?

Ok, so sometimes it’s hard to make that jump. We get it. That’s why we also have a Natural Day Cream (£31.00). 

cut le crap day cream open lid
Our Natural Day Cream – it’s super silky (£31.00)

It’s got Jojoba, Calendula, Geranium & Clary Sage essential oils in this powerful little jar! It will deeply nourish the skin meaning it’s perfect for dehydrated skin. 

It’s silky light. Love IT! You can buy it 👉here. 👈

You’ve got to cleanse first though!

Ok, I’m almost done. But before I finish, you need to know about our cleansers.

Our Natural Cleansing Balm (£22.00) busts impurities, makeup, pollution particles and any day-to-day build-up of nasty stuff on your face.

cut le crap cleansing balm open lid
Our Natural Cleansing Balm – removes everything and super nourishing (£22.00)

Rub this Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Beeswax and Orange Peel Oil onto your face and then dry-wipe the day away. Very rich so better used on dry and or mature skin. Beautiful.

You can buy it 👉here. 👈

Then there is the Natural Cleansing Cream (£16.00). It’s a light lotion cleanser that does a similar job to the Natural Cleansing Balm. For anyone with combination or oily skin.

cut le crap Cleansing Cream
Our Natural Cleansing Cream – perfect for sensitive skin (£16.00)

It is made with key ingredients of Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Jasmine & Lavender water, Arnica, essential oils of Lavender & Lemon. How do we put all of this natural goodness in one bottle?

You can buy it 👉here. 👈

Get into the natural face care routine

As you can see, we’ve got you covered for any eventuality. 

If you’re interested in how our natural face care range can be used, check out our blog post on face care routine 👉here. 👈

And remember, all our products are 100% natural. 100% toxin-free. 100% cruelty-free.

Good for you. Good for the planet.


Cut Le Crap

3 thoughts on “Natural face care is the best for your skin!

  1. It’s not clear to me what you mean by toxin free skincare. You have many of the EU’s 26 fragrance allergens in your products from the essential oils you use.

    You seem to be using scaremongering as marketing as all skincare products would have to go through the same testing process prior to sale so on what basis are you claiming other skincare (presumably those which are not 100% ‘natural’) to be toxic?

    1. Hi James! This is a great comment, thanks so much for posting it.

      We don’t think we’re scaremongering. Over the counter beauty care products do contain toxic ingredients. We have a comprehensive list of ingredients to avoid on here.

      Yes, we do include essential oils and you can find all the ones we use at the above link as well.

      However, the levels are so low that they are not toxic but actually beneficial for human consumption. It’s worth noting here that anything has the potential to be toxic, even water.

      So, why do we see a difference between essential oils and other toxic ingredients? Well, we’ve already referred to the benefits to people. Also, there is a growing concern in the scientific community that synthetic toxic materials have a long term effect on the body and our health. Even if you are correct that the skincare products that contain them do pass tests because the levels of are so small, there is mounting evidence to suggest that, over time, they have a detrimental effect on our health.

      Finally, to support our position we would like to point you to some of the growing evidence from scientific research. Here are some links to some studies that we have reviewed and lead us to our conclusions:


      We think it is worse that companies are hiding these findings and continue to expose people.

      Also, we are just trying to be as transparent as possible. Based on our response, if you think we can be more specific about how we classify what’s toxic, then do provide some suggestions, please. We want to help customers to make an informed decision as much as possible.

      Thanks again for your comment and we hope this helps to alleviate your initial concern.


  2. Thank you for getting back to me.

    I agree that anything has the potential to be toxic, even water i.e. the dose makes the poison. I just don’t understand why you would only apply this argument to dealing with natural ingredients and not also to synthetic.

    I had a look at the papers above and I don’t think we are going to agree. I think you are making a massive leap from the information these papers provide to the stance you have taken. The papers are either;

    – Very general (toxic chemicals are bad – well obviously) but don’t refer specifically to ingredients found in personal care products,
    – Call for more research in the area, or
    – Confirm that the use of certain personal care products can result in certain chemicals being more present in a person’s urine. They don’t go on to make any claims about the presence of these substances causing problems to a person’s health.

    As far as I can tell none of these papers prove negative health outcomes from the use of personal care products with synthetic ingredients.

    I’m sure there are ingredients worth avoiding both synthetic and natural I just think this blanket position is a bit strange and misleading.

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