How to use Body Wash
22 July 2020

How to use Body Wash

It’s a Body Wash like no other. It’s in an aluminium bottle. No box and no instructions…no problem! You’ll find everything on this how to use Body Wash page.

Why? Well, less packaging makes for a healthier planet. That’s why we’re an Ethical Consumer Best Brand.

So it’s good for you, good for the planet.

Instructions – how to use body wash

how to use Body Wash

Ok, so how to use our Body Wash is likely pretty obvious. Get body wet. Pour into hands. Lather all over that damn fine body of yours. Rinse off.


However, you know we always like to give our customers a little bit extra.

So, feel free to add some of your favourite pure essential oils straight into the bottle, between 10 and 15 drops. If you’re not familiar with essential oils, then it’s time to become a believer. They’re amazing and great for your body and mind. We’ve got a great article here on them.

If you don’t have time to read that, then here are some quick ideas:

  • Citrus – energising, boosting the mood
  • Floral – relaxing, helps you sleep
  • Woody – empowering
  • Tea tree or Eucalyptus – antibacterial and antifungal.

Also, a word of caution. Other brands do say that Castile Soap – what our Body Wash is made form – is good for hair. We do not recommend this.

Castile Soap will cleanse the hair but its pH is very high. This means it is unsuitable for hair and can leave the cuticle cells open and prone to damage. Hair with an imbalanced pH will also be a lot more prone to breaking and tangling.


Ok, so you’ve got some amazing benefits for using our Body Wash.

Castile soap is 100% natural and very good for the environment. This is because it is derived from vegetable oils such as coconut, hemp but also avocado and almond.

Its pH is alkaline (8.9 – very similar to baking soda) so it is very efficient at cutting through grease and dirt without being corrosive. That’s why you will feel so clean after washing it with it. It cleans all that much right off.

Castile also gets very foamy. So, you will feel like you’re getting a good scrub down as well as, well, getting an actual good scrub down.

So there you go. Enjoy the benefits of this amazing gift from nature.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

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