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Does a high price always mean high quality?
07 February 2019

Does a high price always mean high quality?

This is an assumption we all make. It is apparently a common trait of human nature.

Unfortunately, or not, this is not always the case. Some brands, or should I say many brands, just love big profits. To justify high prices and make us buy, they use effective marketing and add words to attract and convince us to pay the price.

Ever preferred to buy anything just because it had “luxury” on the label?

Values before profits.

Before putting our products on the market my husband and I had long discussions. He works in marketing and he was worried that by offering our products at a low price, people would see our brand as being cheap.

But I disagreed (and people that know me know how stubborn I can be). I wanted to to make green beauty affordable to everyone.

I’ve been making my own products at home for a while and it made me realise the actual cost of production.

When you see one pure organic cold-pressed rosehip oil sold for £24, and another for £10, you start questioning things.

But let me tell you something. High-quality products can be affordable and cut.le.crap. is the living proof.

We source and use precious ingredients. Our packaging is of high quality and best suited for our products (for instance tinted glass to protect our oils). It is also innovative and respectful of the environment. Our plastic is a biopolymer plastic made from sugar cane waste. Plus all our labels are biodegradable.

But our prices may not reflect these facts.

Our prices are for everyone

So yes, our margins are very tight and that’s not always easy when you are a startup. Some websites are approaching us to stock and sell our range of products but expect to take bigger margins than we take for ourselves!

Don’t we want more money? Well yes, sure. But we also want a fair and sustainable society. Why should businesses be removed from this just to make some extra money?

Natural ingredients shouldn’t be exclusive to those with money. Why should an oil, or a seed or a plant be considered luxurious?

This is why we came up with cut.le.crap. So people could easily buy and use safer skincare products, not to make massive margins and rip people off.

We’ll let one of our customers have the final word on this:

It makes them feel like daily necessities rather than rare luxuries, which I think is great!

And that is better than big money in my eyes

Shop our range here.

Maya x.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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