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Your face – Other ways to make your skin glow.
11 December 2018

Your face – Other ways to make your skin glow.

We’re back with the last post in our 3 part series about the face. To start from the beginning and read about cleansing, click here.

If you skipped our amazing tips on moiturising, you can’t miss out! Click here to read.

If you’re all caught up then read on!

In this post, we are talking about all the things you can do alongside cleansing and moisturising to help your skin look its best.


At this moment, our range does not offer an exfoliator (though we are contemplating at options).

This doesn’t mean we are not  aware of its many benefits on the skin.

By gently exfoliating your skin regularly you are helping it shed any dry or dead skin cells. This is important to clear pores and increase blood circulation. As a result, you’re skin will look healthier and glow!

A brand that I love – Black Chicken Remedies – offers an amazing natural body scrub and a face complexion polish.  They are obviously 100% natural and pretty amazing.

If you are not fully satisfied with the scrubs that you currently use, I suggest you try them out.

My favourite is the face polish (a dry thin powder) that you can mix with your favourite face oil to increase the benefits.

You will be able to get these form the UK very soon at  Wright Ingredients. The website isn’t live yet but make sure you bookmark it.

Always remember that your skin will need deep hydration after that!


Now I am sure you will be aware that a good way to detoxify and show yourself some TLC is to apply a face mask.

Not only it will help you relax but it will also help unclog pores, clean skin deeply and make it glow.

Amongst my favourites clays are rhassoul and pink Kaolin but I also love using activated charcoal. For powdered clay simply mix them with water. it’s quick, easy and super efficient!

Watch this space In the next few weeks we’ll be adding a dry mask to our collection…!


I have started using a derma roller about 18 months ago.

OMG I love it.

The feeling is very unique and does not hurt at all (I use 0.25 mm needles). I just bought a 1 mm derma roller as it supposedly does even more good to your skin (especially production of collagen and helping with hyperpigmentation).

I’ll tell you more about my feedback once I will have been used it for a longer period of time.

The best part of adding microneedling to your routine is that you know you are increasing the penetration of the precious oil or serum you just applied to your skin.

A study have shown that microneedling dramatically increases product absorption into the skin, therefore it is extremely important that you use green beauty products that do not contain any toxins.

How does that work? By rolling micro needles on your skin  it creates thousands of tiny holes ( I repeat, it does not hurt) enabling your skin to absorb more of that good stuff!

It is also said that regular use can improve the look of scars, wrinkles or hyperpigmentation by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, known as the internal skin healer.

Not sure how to choose the best dermaroller? This blog tells you everything you need to know.

Lip love.

Do not forget your lips during the colder months. With decreasing humidity your skin and lips are at risk of becoming dry.

The best time to take good care of your lips is to protect them all night long with a very rich balm.

Why? Come the morning, they will be all hydrated, plump looking and kissable, and ready to wear your favorite lippie (make sure it is toxin-free as most of it ends up being eaten and digested!).

We do not sell our lip balm at this stage but with any purchase, you will get one for free (until stock lasts).

Yes, this is another good reason to visit our website.

Now you are fully ready to brave the cold – your skin will be more thankful than ever!

Maya x

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