Ethical Business Update
29 July 2020

Ethical Business Update

cut.le.crap. is not just about saying cut the crap to rubbish ingredients. We also want to change the way in which businesses do…business! So, as we come towards the end of our financial year – and before we take two weeks off – we wanted to provide you with our Ethical Business Update.

Maya and I have both worked in the corporate world for a combined total of 20 years and we’ve come to one conclusion. The people are great but companies can suck!

Dodgy business practices. Employee stress and anxiety. Green/ethical washing. There’s a lot that needs to be changed.

This is why we will always put people’s rights first – we’re an ethics first business after all!

When we launched the website in August 2018, we boycotted Amazon immediately. This is because as an ethics first business, we cannot condone their business practices. In fact, we totally reject them to the point that we have cut off sales channels and the ability to scale our business more quickly.

And we couldn’t be happier for it.

All of our partners we chose to work with employ Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines and subscribe to the Living Wage Foundation.

Basically, people’s rights are at the heart of everything we do.

Ethical business update – fundraising for equal opps!

But aren’t all businesses saying the same thing at the moment? We understand that it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between good marketing and real ethics.

Well, we want you to feel confident that we’re doing all the right things for people’s rights.

UK Black Pride

First of all, we were one of the first brands to boycott Facebook during the Black Lives Matter protests (and yes, they’re still going on and you need to keep supporting the movement).

The fundamental point of why we chose to do this is to recognise racism exists and causes massive inequalities. And we should be rejecting any type of racism, no matter who says it and on what platform.

And after some digging, we found out that black LGBTQ people are even more at risk of inequality. For example, according to a report from the National LGBTQ Task Force in the US black transgender people have an extremely high unemployment rate, 26 per cent, two times the rate of the overall transgender sample and four times the rate of the general population.

Because of this, we have decided to donate 10% of all sales revenue to UK Black Pride.

Black communities need support and this is no more obvious than for black LGBTQ people. So far, we have raised £70 (it’s been a very quiet few month’s thanks to Coronavirus!) But we will continue to support UK Black Pride as we believe in supporting grassroots organisations like this.

Global Fund For Women

That being said, we also wanted to help contribute towards women’s rights across the world. The ingredients that go into our amazing products are sourced from all corners of the planet. So, it makes sense to us that we need to contribute to improving the lives of people everywhere.

So, we selected the Global Fund For Women to give 0.5% of our profits to. They are an awesome organisation that provides funding to grassroots projects around the world, with 79% of the funds raised in 2019 going to their programmatic activities.

Unfortunately, we are still very small and making zero profit (the joys of being a small business owner!) But we have decided to contribute £100 anyway. It’s a very small amount, sadly. Hopefully, when we’re making more money, we’ll be able to give more of it away. That would make us very happy!

Trees For Cities

Finally, no ethical business update would be complete without talking about our environmental impact. After all, we’re an e-commerce site and consumerism has a massive negative impact on the planet.

Trust us, we did a small piece of analysis for cut.le.crap. on our digital carbon footprint. It makes for scary reading!

As it’s just Ben working full time on the business, we looked at his time on the computer plus customers who searched, browsed and received emails. Using the amazing book How Bad Are Bananas: The Carbon Footprint Of Everything by Mike Berners-Lee, we have been able to estimate the digital carbon footprint of a single month…

Customer Searches – 1.1 kilograms of CO2e

Customer hours on site – 4.6 kilograms of CO2e

Marketing emails – 0.75 kilograms CO2e

Time on computer – 4.52 kilograms CO2e

In total, we’re looking at just under 12 kilograms CO2e. Over a year, that’s approximately 0.14 tonnes CO2e. And that’s just our digital carbon footprint.

It’s worth mentioning here that for hosting our site, we do use Google Cloud. According to Google, they purchase enough renewable energy to match 100% of their electricity usage. The Google Cloud Platform that we host our site on also scored the best rating for environmental impact in the Greenpeace Clicking Green Report 2017.

cut le crap ethical business update – Greenpeace Click Clean Report Company Scorecard

So, to offset this, we donate £0.42 of every £10 you spend to Trees For Cities. They are a non-profit that works with local communities and schools to bring trees – and oxygen – into cities. And that’s another reason we like them. Trees should be for everyone, not just those with the money to live near nice parks or for people who are lucky enough to live in the countryside. We chose to work with them as they also believe in social justice and equality for all, not just those who can afford it.

So far, YOU have managed to raise £370, which will contribute towards growing 66 trees. But the most amazing thing about this is that each tree will take on average 1 tonne of CO2 out of the atmosphere during its lifetime! This is a total of 66 tonnes!

cut le crap ethical business update – Trees for Cities tree planting in in Beckenham

The power of trees. And the power of people!

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Cut Le Crap

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What is sustainable beauty?

What is sustainable beauty?

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