cut.le.crap. in Boxpark, Shoreditch now – buy now in store ^
cut.le.crap. in Boxpark, Shoreditch now
11 November 2019

cut.le.crap. in Boxpark, Shoreditch now

We’ve bought cut.le.crap. in Boxpark, Shoreditch.

cut.le.crap. will be at the Women Who Give A Shit pop-up store. For us, this is a match made in heaven!

That’s because Women Who Give A Shit only include brands that are run by women (obviously!). But, most importantly, they have selected only those brands that put caring for the planet at the centre of everything they do.

Women Who Give A Shit store - give a shit sign
Time for us to…

Yes, yes, YES to all of this!

What’s in the cut.le.crap. in Boxpark store?

We don’t have all of our products in the shop. However, we’ve selected out top products for you to try, smell and buy!

So, what have we got on offer?

There’s our amazing Marula Oil. It smells divine.

Then there’s Ben’s favourite, the Cleansing Balm. He loves it because it’s silky smooth but tough on dirt, impurities and all the nasty stuff that gets on your face.

We have our Body Oil. The smell with enlivens your body, spirit and mind.

Then there’s the golden miracle oil from the Amazon, Cacay Oil. This oil has three times more Vitamin A than Rosehip Oil and up to 50% more Vitamin E than Argan Oil.

And finally, we have our Cleansing Cream. It’s a light lotion cleanser and is the perfect option for those with sensitive skin.

Where to find us…

But it’s not just about us. The pop-up store will feature some of the most exciting online brands. It’s for women who care for feminism, ethics and sustainability.

cut.le.crap in boxpark - the Women Who Give A Shit store
Located 37-41 Boxpark, Shoreditch

The pop-up runs from 8 November to 8 December 2019. The opening hours are:

Mon Tues Wed = 11am-7pm; Thurs = 11am-8pm; Fri = 11am-7pm; Sat = 11am-7pm; Sun = 12pm-6pm

And the location is Units 37-41 Boxpark, Shoreditch, 2-4 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6GY.

Thanks to, we’re being given a chance to support women, who, actually give a shit.


Cut Le Crap

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What is sustainable beauty?

What is sustainable beauty?

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Items shipped 24th February

Items shipped 24th February

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