cut.le.crap & Global Fund For Women
18 September 2019

cut.le.crap & Global Fund For Women

We are pleased to announce that cut.le.crap. will be donating 0.5% of profits to Global Fund For Women.

Why Global Fund For Women?

Ben and I always wanted to face up to some of the issues in the world when we started cut.le.crap.

The first mission for cut.le.crap. is to improve the health of people everywhere through the content of what goes on their skin.

unsplash-logoPark Street
Women looking happy with hands on face
Photo by Park Street on Unsplash

And women are more at risk due to the fact that they do buy more beauty products.

But women are also discriminated against in other areas.

Employment, travel, health and safety, clothing (read Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez).

I am a woman and have experienced the discriminations faced by women everywhere.

But why a global organisation?

But I am also a woman that has had the opportunity to found a successful business. Women around the world have fewer freedoms and rights to do the same.

This is wrong.

Plus, our raw materials are also sourced from all around the world. We extract opportunity and wealth from countries where people do not have the same rights and freedoms.

That’s why we wanted to donate to an organisation that helps women globally.

unsplash-logoIves Ives
Traditional women in north Vietnam wearing wicker baskets
Photo by Ives Ives on Unsplash

In addition to this, the grants they provide are across a number of areas affecting women – Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights, Freedom from Violence, Economic Justice and Leadership.

We think these are urgent issues that need addressing.

The money goes to the right places

Large foundations are often unable to contribute as much to their programs as smaller ones. With greater scale comes increased costs associated with running a large organisation.

We can’t escape this fact.

Therefore, we were impressed that Global Fund For Women are able to dedicate 79% of the funds raised in 2018 to their programmatic activities.

So we think that a cut.le.crap & Global Fund For Women team up fits perfectly.

We hope you do too.

Thank you so much!


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