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cut.le.crap. Are Award Winners!
05 July 2019

cut.le.crap. Are Award Winners!

Ben here!

Maya was at Up by Wabel 27th and 28th of July. And she was crowned Best Inspirational Entrepreneur of the year for her work with cut.le.crap.

Maya Christensen of cut.le.crap. for Press Release
Here’s Maya holding her award for Best Inspirational Entrepreneur

We’re ecstatic! That’s because the award was created to celebrate Europe’s most inspiring, ethical and sustainable beauty brand.

Maya was chosen by a jury of beauty experts to win the award from a wide range of other amazing brands in attendance at the event.

Here’s what Maya had to say.

“It’s amazing to win such an award. I first thought of cut.le.crap. as a way of saying ‘cut the crap’ to the beauty industry. It’s about cutting out toxic ingredients, being honest and transparent, and making sure that we do everything to keep this planet alive. My husband and I started cut.le.crap. because we are passionate not just about providing products that are safe for people but also to be a leading example that brands in the beauty care industry can be ethical, progressive and affordable.”

“Winning today suggests they are listening!”

Isn’t she awesome 😍



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