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Cacay Oil benefits
24 September 2019

Cacay Oil benefits

We think all oils are awesome. But Cacay Oil benefits your skin in a huge number of ways.

It is THE most powerful anti-ageing natural oil on the market.

At cut.le.crap. we call it our liquid gold. And for good reason.

cold pressed cacay oil benefits

Cacay Oil benefits – the facts

If you don’t believe what we’ve said above, then it’s time to tell you the science!

So, here are three amazing facts about Cacay Oil that’s going to blow your hair off:

* Cacay Oil has 3 times more natural Retinol (Vitamin A) than Rosehip Oil.

* Cacay Oil has 2 times more Linoleic Acid than Virgin Argan Oil.

* Cacay Oil has 50% more Vitamin E than Virgin Argan Oil

Amazing, hey?!

So why have you not heard about it?

Cacay Oil is still not very famous and has not been available on the market for too long. In fact, when we launched our website on August 2018, we were one of the very few natural beauty care brands to sell it.

This means that the use of Cacay Oil in beauty care is very recent.

But because of Cacay Oil benefits, its popularity, however, is on the rise and this is no surprise!

A more sustainable oil

The oil is extracted from the nut of the Cacay tree that grows in the Amazonian Rainforest.

Cacay Tree taken in Columbia
Cacay Tree taken in Columbia

Cacay is a useful tree to grow, not only because the oil is gaining popularity in the beauty industry but also because, like the coconut, nothing goes to waste.

The nut becomes oil, the pulp can be used to make Cacay milk or be ground into flour. The inner peel can be used to feed animals or be composted and as for the outer shell, it can be burnt and used for heating or cooking!

That’s not all!

Cacay trees are very tall and provide great shade to a very popular crop that you will all know: Coffee Arabica. The Cacay tree provides shelter to the shrubs on which the beans grow. This allows for more sustainable farming methods to be used and can help to stop deforestation of the world’s Rainforests.

That’s another reason to love it. It can contribute to a more sustainable and natural beauty care regime.

So, what about those Cacay Oil benefits

So what about those three facts we mentioned earlier? How is Cacay Oil going to benefit your skin?

Rich in Retinol (vitamin A), it is your best ally to fight and reduce wrinkles, boost the production of collagen and even regenerate skin cells. It is also known to be an antioxidant, keeping your skin nice and healthy.

Cacay Oil also offers a high level of Vitamin E, that we could also call our skin’s best friend. Vitamin E ensures our skin to stay protected and moisturised.

Now let’s talk about Linoleic Acid. Have you heard of it before? It is a fatty acid responsible for promoting healthy skin cells. In Cacay oil, its concentration is extremely high…around 68%!

All this means Cacay Oil is a very potent natural anti-ageing skincare product.

It is good for all skin types, is easily absorbed and will help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks too.

Cacay Oil and your face care routine

With two drops morning and night, you will soon notice the benefits it brings to your skin.

Remember, to prepare your skin beforehand! We’ve got some amazing natural face care tips to follow here.

Go on, you know you want some.

cold pressed cacay oil benefits your skin for £17.00
cut.le.crap. Cacay Oil (£17.00)

Maya x

Cut Le Crap

2 thoughts on “Cacay Oil benefits

  1. How should it look in colour, smell? Cost?
    Don’t want to buy the wrong thing
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Carole,
      The colour is clear and the smell is very mild, slightly nutty. It costs £17 for 30ml on our website. It is a lovely oil.

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