Why we are bringing you cut.le.crap. natural body care
24 July 2018

Why we are bringing you cut.le.crap. natural body care

So this is us, Maya, Ben and our kid, Josh. We are co-founders of cut.le.crap.

It’s a place for honest advice about natural body care products.

It all started in 2016 when we switched to a lifestyle free from products containing harmful chemicals.

How did we end up making this decision? Have we noticed any change and benefits? Hell yes! So let me tell you more.

We have both been conscious of our impact on the environment. We have always called ourselves “eco-warriors”! After moving to Australia in 2015 we became friends with people with different lifestyles, each of them wanting to do their bits to save the world.

The biggest impact on us was when a vegetarian couple stayed with us . This opened our eyes to a world we had always chosen to ignore but one we knew was there. We watched many documentaries that really started us questioning a lot of things.

From that moment on we started being more mindful about our meat consumption, trying to take less part in this shameful industry, to the point now, where we have chosen a vegan lifestyle. What was obvious to us is that the industries that push products to the masses have lots of secrets.

And the house of cards effect started.

One documentary led to another and we watched The Human Experiment. At that point we started to freak out a bit. We decided that we needed to change. We had been so focussed on our impact on the environment yet we never started to think about what all this was doing to us. It made no sense that we were trying to do everything we could to protect our planet and the animals that we co-exist with, whilst not even thinking twice about the types of chemical we were using every day and the potential consequences they have on our health.

The veil of ignorance was torn down.

So we did more research. What we found was very scary. Harmful chemicals are found in lots of the day-to-day products we use: soap; shampoo; perfume; toothpaste; moisturiser; deodorant. If you don’t believe this, go into your bathroom now and see if you can find any of these mainstream ingredients on the bottle (these are just a few and easiest ones to pronounce):

  • mineral oil/petroleum
  • parabens
  • fragrances
  • sodium laureth sulfate (SLES and SLS)
  • triclosan
  • BHA
  • phthalates
  • PABA

The list goes on. We decided that we needed to change.

The worrying thing is that these chemicals are linked to very nasty side effects such as allergy reactions, respiratory distress, hormone disruption, effect on sperm quality, cancer, early breast development in girls, even reproductive birth defects of males and females. Think about how many products you are using daily. Imagine how many of those nasty chemicals are coming into contact with your body, your kid’s body.

We think this is not acceptable.

We think that industries do not give us enough information about the ingredients they use to help us make an informed decision.

We think it’s time for everyone to be given the chance to limit the risk of these harmful chemicals entering their bodies.

We think it’s time to protect our ecosystem from the dangers associated with this.

We feel like saying one thing: “cut.le.crap.”

We want to offer you a selection of honest products that we have tested and designed with love.

But more importantly, ones that we trust.

Want to be part of the change? Then sign up here to receive more information about our amazing range. Launch date is August 4th, 2018. Regain control.

Cut Le Crap

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