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Be The Change Award 2019 Finalists
16 May 2019

Be The Change Award 2019 Finalists

We were recently shortlisted for the 2019 Be The Change Awards in the Beauty category.

Ethical Hour and Where Does It Come From organised the event to celebrate all the businesses that aspire to do things better because they not only care about their customers but about the planet too.

They are about recognising brands that want to have a positive impact.

So, why we’re cut.le.crap. shortlisted?

1. We only include natural ingredients in our products. This means they are more healthy for you and the planet.
2. We follow strict policies on sustainability on plastics, palm oil and animal rights.
3. We do not charge a premium for our products. They are priced fairly so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of natural ingredients.

If this all sounds good to you, then check out our amazing range in our Shop.

Maya x

Cut Le Crap

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